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Dr. Arlene Schwartz takes great pride in offering every patient and family member the absolute best in Eye health and Vision care using some of the most advanced diagnostic equipment.

Vision Therapy for Adults & Children

At Hartsdale Family Eyecare we are committed to using vision therapy to help both children and adults with all types of vision problems.

Children’s Eye Care

Known for our warm and caring ways, Hartsdale Family Eyecare focuses on pediatric eye care for infants, children and young adults.

Contact Lens Center

At our contact lens center we fit all individuals including those with corneal eye diseases, dry eyes, kerataconus and corneal transplants.

Orthokeratology (CRT & VST)

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) an alternative non surgical treatment for myopia (nearsighted) that eliminates the need for eyeglasses or daytime contact lenses.

Extensive Selection of Frames

You'll discover one of the largest selection of high quality, name brand frames and the best customer service around.

Dr Schwartz at Work

Center for Eye Disease

At Hartsdale Family Eyecare, Dr. Arlene Schwartz is specially trained in the treatment of eye diseases. With over 40 years of experience along with the latest instrumentation she can properly diagnosis and treat vision problems and ocular disease.

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Hartsdale Family Eyecare proudly serves the Hartsdale area (including the Westchester community, White Plains, Scarsdale, and Ardsley) with a tradition of devotion, quality service and personalized eyecare for more than 30 years.

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Our Mission

We are committed to providing total and comprehensive eyecare for our patients in a Nurturing and Innovative Environment through Education, Prevention, Treatment and Technology.

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Sunwear for a Bright Future

According to the Vision Council’s 2016 UV (Ultraviolet Radiation) Protection report, parents are more likely to wear sunglasses (56%) than their children (only 29%!). Yet children, who spend much more time outside, are typically exposed to three times the amount of sunlight and UV radiation that adults get. This early...
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Feature: Advanced Technology

Anterior Segment Camera

The anterior segment camera is an optometric device that is used to examine the front surface and anterior portion of the eye helps to detect and track the progression of external diseases of the eyelids, blepharitis, styes, corneal diseases, conjunctival diseases and cataracts.

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