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Al’s story about Scleral Lenses for Keratoconus

At our eye clinic we are used to seeing patients from White Plains, however, some patients just have a story that catches your attention. One patient recently came in for a contact lens fitting. Al came in with Keratoconus, a condition which affects the cornea. The patient is a professional poker player, spending most of his time playing cards at casinos and on the computer. Recently he has been struggling with his vision and after searching for a specialist for patients with Keratoconus decided to schedule a contact lens fitting with Dr. Schwartz. Al mentioned that he has been having difficulty seeing street signs when driving and that nighttime driving is now more difficult because of the glare.

Al said, “Dr. Schwartz impressed me with her experience and knowledge, I felt like finally, I was speaking to someone that understood what I was going through”. After a lengthy discussion with Al on his exact needs, Dr. Schwartz fits Al with custom rigid contact lenses called scleral lenses. Dr. Schwartz explained that Sclerals are the ideal solution for people with Keratoconus, as they sit on the white of the eye, preventing discomfort, they are less likely to move, and the create a new surface to replace the pitted cornea of a patient with Keratoconus. Another benefit of Scleral lenses is that they form a barrier to irritants and they have a reservoir between the lens and the eye where a patient can put a special liquid to reduce dry eye symptoms.