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Scleral Lenses After Eye Surgery, LeAnne’s Story

LeAnne visited Dr. Schwartz after undergoing LASIK eye surgery. LeAnne explained that at first she was nervous but all the stories of how great it was really allayed most of her fears. However, after the LASIK eye surgery, LeAnnes vision was not fixed like she had hoped. LeAnne knew that %5 of peoples who undergo LASIK still need glasses, she just never thought it would be her.

A particularly bothersome side effect of the LASIK surgery was that lights at night made it very hard to see, and LeAnne was worried that her driving during the night was not safe.

After searching on the internet, LeAnne came across Dr. Schwartz, a scleral lens specialist, fitting custom designed contact lenses for patients with sensitive eyes and difficulty with contact lenses. LeAnne loves her scleral lenses, she says that she cannot believe how clear her vision is and highly recommends them to everyone.

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