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Vision Links

Vision and Learning

Browse through this large collection of articles by the PTA, School Nurse News, Web MD, professors, eye doctors, and more...

Read stories written by students, parents and teachers about improved grades, reading, spelling, math, handwriting, and more.

Is it really ADD/ADHD? Or is it an undetected vision problem?

This article by an eye doctor explains how and why convergence insufficiency causes problems with reading and learning. See the illustrations!

The American Academy of Optometrists and the American Optometric Organization discuss vision, learning-related vision problems, and dyslexia.

As part of an interview, an eye doctor discusses whether Vision Therapy helps learning disabilities or learning-related vision problems.

General Resources

Various definitions of Vision Therapy by American Optometric Association, eye doctors, and patient advocates.

This directory provides free referrals to board certified providers of Vision Therapy. Find an eye doctor in another state.

An eye doctor answers questions about Vision Therapy in an interview.

It is not enough to test the clarity of eyesight at a distance of 20 feet (known as 20/20). A complete visual evaluation tests many aspects of vision.

What are the differences in practice focus between a pediatric optometrist and a pediatric ophthalmologist?

Comments by educators on choosing pediatric vision care for a child.

Build your visual health vocabulary!

Binocular Vision Impairments

How does it work? Why do we need it?

A large web site with many pages of easy-to-understand information on lazy eye, crossed-eyes (strabismus), eye muscle surgery, binocular vision impairments, and much more.

Eye muscle surgery, a common treatment for crossed eyes and lazy eye, does not have great success rates. Even when necessary, eye muscle surgery has had improved success rates when coordinated with pre- and/or post-surgical Vision Therapy.

3D Stereo Vision

Eye doctors use stereoscopic 3D images to develop and reinforce 3D vision.

What is stereo vision? What is a binocular vision impairment?

Learn to see in 3D! Visit the 3D Art Gallery and view Magic Eye stereograms, stereo photographs, optical illusions, and much more.

Optometric Organizations

A national network of optometrists.

An international professional organization which grants board certification in Vision Therapy to optometrists.

Organization of 32,000 optometrists.

  • NORA -- Neuro Optometric Rehabilitation Association International, Inc.

An organization which provides direction for the visual rehabilitation of persons who have physical disabilities and/or traumatic brain injuries (TBI).