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TelScreen – Anterior Segment Camera

TelScreen ThumbnailThe anterior segment camera is an optometric device that is used to examine the front surface and anterior portion of the eye helps to detect and track the progression of external diseases of the eyelids, blepharitis, styes, corneal diseases, conjunctival diseases and cataracts.

It is a very important tool for documenting diseases of the eye as a baseline to watch for progression or changes associated with the conjuctiva, chronic lid conditions or other conditions of the conjuctiva and cornea such as pterygiums. It is also helpful when fitting specialty contact lenses, scleral lenses, gas permeable and hybrid lenses for the treatment of various corneal diseases such as kerataconus.

Describing the convenience and opportunities for patient education afforded by the anterior segment camera, Dr. Arlene Schwartz comments, “Since I’m already looking at the patient’s eye with the slit lamp, it is very easy to take a picture at the same time, making it easy and comfortable. In addition, the photo comes upon a large monitor when the person is still sitting in the exam chair so it is easy to explain to the patient what I am looking at. This is also true with contact lenses. With specialty contact lenses, it is easy to explain the fit and reason for larger scleral lenses.”

Dr. Arlene Schwartz recommends that the anterior segment camera be used for patients that need to see what is going on with conditions such as blepharitis, when lid hygiene is important, in order to demonstrate to the patient how lid hygiene and lid scrubs will help the condition. This is also true with conditions such as nevi and pterygiums, which often need to be monitored for progress, making a baseline photo a valuable tool.

For more information about the anterior segment camera, contact Dr. Arlene Schwartz today.