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Oculus Keratograph 5M

Oculus Keratograph ThumbnailIntroducing the new Oculus Keratograph at Hartsdale Family Eyecare

What patients find fascinating about the Oculus Keratograph is the sheer amount of information that this technology can produce in such a short amount of time when being tested. It not only measures tear break-up time, ocular irritation by rating the redness of the conjunctiva or white part of the eye, evaluating the thickness of the event of the tear layer or the oil layer of the tears as well as the ability to take pictures of the meibomian glands.

This is the most fascinating thing to bring up pictures of the patients’ glands in the exam room and grade them on a scale so that they can see exactly why they are having the symptoms they have from meibomian gland dysfunction. Oftentimes, we hear patients say “Oh my goodness, those are my glands!”

Educating patients in the exam room is much easier with all of these indicators to the patient. It also measures tear breakup time which is the amount of time between blinks before the tear layer starts to dissipate. By far, the most quantitative technology available to test for dry eye.

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