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Contact Lens Evaluations

Contact lenses are prescription medical devices. Various brands are designed and manufactured differently. At Hartsdale Family Eyecare, Dr. Schwartz will determine your eye health and vision needs and prescribe the best type of contact lens to meet all your requirements.

Dr. Schwartz fits all types of contact lenses including gas permeable, disposable soft lenses, astigmatism contact lenses and bifocals. She specializes in contact lens fittings for corneal eye diseases, such as corneal scarring and kerataconus. She prescribes hybrid and Synergize contact lenses to maximize eye health, comfort and vision for special conditions that cannot be corrected with conventional lens designs

Your evaluation will include:

  • Your vision history
  • Corneal evaluation and topography
  • External eye health assessment and dry eye evaluation

Consultation to determine the best contact lens options and recommendation.