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Vision Therapy

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Vision Therapy in Hartsdale, NY

Some vision problems can be treated using eyeglass corrective lenses and contact lenses, but many require a different kind of treatment. Vision Therapy is a series of exercises prescribed and monitored by an optometrist to treat problems with visual skills and visual processing. After your comprehensive eye examination, Dr. Schwartz may determine vision therapy is the best option for treatment.
Vision Therapy programs are based on standardized tests and the needs of the patient. Vision Therapy is administered in our office under the guidance of the eye doctor and vision therapist. A number of office visits are often required ranging from several weeks to several months.
Office Vision Therapy is combined with home exercise to achieve maximum results. Home computer exercise programs are used to support office based therapy. Home Computer Therapy System (HTS) is a home therapy program that may be used under the guidance of Dr. Schwartz when a complete office program is not possible or necessary.
Vision Therapy can effectively treat (but not limited to) vision related learning problems, eye movement disorders, inefficient eye teaming or binocular vision problems, amblyopia or lazy eye, focusing problems, double vision and visual processing problems . Symptoms of these conditions can include blurry vision, loss of place when reading, re-reading lines and poor comprehension.
Vision Therapy is also highly effective way to enhance eye hand coordination and improve sports performance.

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