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Dr. Schwartz takes her job very seriously and never lets anyone leave unhappy…

Words can not express how I feel about Dr. Schwartz and her staff. They are so kind and friendly in that office and make you feel as if you are apart of a family when you are in the office. I found Dr. Schwartz by doing some research on Doctor’s That specializes in contact lenses for Keratoconus. I have been to so many eye Doctor’s that just couldn’t help me with my vision. I was ready to give up until I met Dr. Schwartz. From the first day of the office visit she seen how frustrated I was with going to Different eye Doctor’s and not getting any Positive results.. she has seen the defeat in me and she brought my spirits back up and made me believe again…

She took her time with me and never gave up on me. She takes her job very seriously and never lets anyone leave unhappy. I can honestly say she really does care about what she does and about you. She does not sugar coat anything she tells you the god honest truth and never leads you on. She introduced me to Scleral Lenses and it is AMAZING!!!!!!

I went from seeing 20/400 to 20/20.. I was in shock stunned happy amazed…. just emotional that I was able to see. It was such a heartwarming feeling to see again. This experience humbled me so much in so many ways. I just want to say Thank you!!!!! To Dr. SCHWARTZ and the staff. You ladies were great and helped me so much through this process. I appreciate all of you. Trust and believe me… Dr. Schwartz and her staff are amazing. And I cant wait to see you, ladies, soon… Now I have to come back for those all Black Ray Ban Sunglasses …. THANK YOUUUUU!!!!!! A++++++++++++++++

I highly recommend Dr. Schwartz and the Hartsdale Family Eyecare…

My name is Alberta and I have Keratoconus in both eyes. I was introduced to scleral lens last year and they were life-changing. I had cross-linking in both eyes and found I was no longer getting good vision from my scleral lens. I also relocated from FL to NY. I had to search for a new scleral lens fitter. After searching the internet and reading reviews, I scheduled an appointment with Dr. Arlene Schwartz at Hartsdale Family Eyecare. I am so grateful to Dr Schwartz who was able to fit me for a new lens.

Dr. Schwartz was very patient and very thorough. She made sure she got the fit perfect and the vision great. Her staff was very friendly and professional. Everyone was absolutely awesome! If you have Keratoconus or any eye problems that require a special lens or for your routine eye care, I highly recommend Dr. Schwartz and the Hartsdale Family Eyecare.

I’m so grateful to Dr. Schwartz and her team for helping me to see again…

I’m so grateful to Dr. Schwartz and her team for helping me to see again! I recently got the corneal crosslinking procedure done for my keratoconus and was finally approved to get contacts. I’ve had specialty lenses for keratoconus before, but Dr. Schwartz recommended scleral lenses.

After a couple of appointments (after work- flexible hours!) she fit me with a pair of Acculens contacts. I haven’t seen this well in years. Really helpful, knowledgeable staff and Dr. Schwartz is a master of her craft. Anybody with keratoconus should absolutely contact her to get fitted.

I’ve seen my share of eye doctors over the years…

I’ve seen my share of eye doctors over the years and Dr. Schwartz is one of the best. She’s professional, personable, up-to-date on the latest techniques, and really goes that extra mile to make sure you’re happy with your sight. I came to her six months ago for scleral lenses which are a very specialized lens that’s hard to fit.

Dr. Schwartz was with me every step of the way and I haven’t seen this well since I was eight years old. Not only was she terrific but her staff is wonderful and just as personable as well. They even helped my wife with contacts. I would recommend Hartsdale Family Eyecare to anyone.

I have very complicated eyes…

I have very complicated eyes. I was hopeful, but not convinced, that I would be able to wear contacts. Due to Dr. Schwartz’s knowledge, expertise and perseverance, I am now the proud owner of extremely comfortable lenses that bring my world into perfect focus.

Working with Dr. Schwartz, a very kind, caring person, who wants the best outcome for her patients, was a wonderful experience. I’ve already recommended her to others who have struggled with contacts.

I have been dealing with keratoconus for almost 20 years…

I have been dealing with keratoconus (a form of corneal degeneration) for almost 20 years. When I came to see Dr. Schwartz in January 2017 I was resigned to the reality of struggling with custom GP contact lenses that caused occasional painful corneal abrasions. She suggested that we try scleral lenses instead.

I have been pain-free, seeing, and feeling better than I have in 20 years! Dr. Schwartz and her practice have been literal game-changers in my life. Anyone dealing with GP lenses should seriously look into scleral lenses, and anyone in Westchester or NYC should go see Dr. Shwartz!

I have been a patient of Dr. Arlene Schwartz since 2016…

I have been a patient of Dr. Arlene Schwartz since 2016. I have an eye condition called Keratoconus which required me, after 50 years, to change from a traditional hard contact lens to scleral lenses. While my vision will never be perfect without cornea transplants, Dr. Schwartz has come very close to 20/20 vision with the scleral lenses.

She was also able to improve my vision due to astigmatism in one eye with these lenses. The conversion to scleral lenses has been life-changing. I highly recommend Dr. Schwartz to anyone who has keratoconus.

I had a horrific injury to my left eye…

I had a horrific injury to my left eye. Doctor Schwartz was recommended to fit me with contact lenses, especially for the left eye. Her chair-side manner is exceptional because my left eye had very little vision. It wasn’t easy to get a vision for the eye but Doctor Schwartz continued to encourage me that she would be successful in achieving the best possible vision for me.

Through the entire process, Doctor Schwartz was professional and patient. Thanks to the Doctor my vision is much improved. She is the ultimate professional and her staff was polite, friendly and very helpful. Thank you!

My vision was severely impaired driving at night…

I developed a scar on my cornea. My vision was severely impaired driving at night. Laser surgery was out of the question because my cornea was too thin. Thank goodness for Dr. Schwartz and her specialized contact lenses. She was my last hope. She was meticulous in fitting the exact size and prescription of the lenses over several visits.

She also took extra time on her lunch hours to instruct me on how to insert and care for the lenses. The lenses are a godsend. My vision at night while driving is now sharp without glare. I feel safe again. In addition, the lenses help with another kind of driving — on the golf course. While they didn’t improve my golf game, they at least let me see my shots, no matter where I spray them.

I highly recommend going to Hartsdale Family Eyecare…

I came to Hartsdale Family Eyecare for the first time in 2014, after 10+ years of contact lens issues from other doctors, I had tried every brand out there. Dr. Schwartz fit me for new lenses and took the time to work with me until we found the perfect brand, and now I have no issues with contacts whatsoever, it has been a game-changer and a huge relief. The staff is friendly, welcoming, and professional. I won’t go anywhere else. I highly recommend going to Hartsdale Family Eyecare.