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Your Hartsdale NY Vision Therapy Center

Welcome to Hartsdale Family Eye Care one of the leading Vision Therapy Practices in Westchester County NY. Our practice offers advanced Vision Therapy programs custom tailored for the patient, with programs for both adults and children. Dr. Arlene Schwartz has decades of experience and is a leading voice in the area for Vision Therapy and Myopia Control. At Hartsdale Family Eye Care we believe in the enormous power of Vision Therapy to help our patients get the most out of life.

Hartsdale Family Eyecare

Hartsdale Family Eyecare

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221 E Hartsdale Ave, Hartsdale, NY, 10530. Phone: (914)725-1600


There are many different aspects of vision, and many of them cannot be corrected with glasses or contact lenses.

Some common vision issues that may require vision therapy are:


Our Vision Therapy Eye Doctor has extensive training, experience and knowledge on all the latest methods of vision therapy. Her busy career started as an Associate Clinical Professor on staff at the Optometric Center of New York and led to her current practice in Hartsdale NY. A member of the College of Optometrists In Vision Development (COVD), AOA, and NYSOA. Patients note that Dr. Schwartz takes a personal interest in every patient.

Our Vision Therapy Eye Doctor


Our child focused vision therapy program uses the latest tools and a warm environment to help your child reach their full potential and regain their self confidence. With 70-90% of classroom learning using the visual system, success in the classroom in intrinsically linked to visual skills. Seeing clearly is more than just fixing a refractive error, excellent vision requires many skills such as eye teaming and tracking.

Vision Therapy For Children


Do you feel tired after reading or computer work? Are you drained after extended periods of focusing? Vision Therapy helps adults at all ages retrain their eyes and brain to work together minimizing fatigue and other symptoms. Vision Therapy is extremely effective with adults as they are highly motivated to achieve success. Many adult Vision Therapy patients do not realize how their coping mechanisms and adaptations were holding them back.

Vision Therapy For Adults


Amblyopia or Lazy eye and Strabismus or wandering eye are two eye conditions that are extremely important to address as early as possible. Luckily today there are effective methods using Vision Therapy to correct both Amblyopia and Strabismus.

Lazy and Wandering Eye


To stand out in the world of competitive sports requires excellence in all areas, including your vision. Vision Therapy give sports players an edge by training your eyes and brain to achieve maximum effectiveness.

Vision Therapy For Athletes


Vision Therapy helps reduce the progression of Myopia in children. As myopia progresses so do the risks to your child. Moderate and high myopia increase the risk significantly of most of the leading causes of blindness.

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Vision Therapy can effectively treat (but not limited to) vision related learning problems, eye movement disorders, inefficient eye teaming, convergence insufficiency, convergence excess, amblyopia or lazy eye, focusing or accommodative problems, double vision and visual processing problems. Symptoms of these conditions can include blurry vision, loss of place when reading, re-reading lines and poor comprehension.


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Dr. Arlene Schwartz is one of the leading practitioners of Vision Therapy for Adults and Children in Westchester County. She has differentiated her practice as being an innovative practice using the latest technology. She is an expert of Contact lenses including Wave designed Orthokeratology lenses for childhood Myopia and Scleral lenses for Keratoconus and Irregular Astigmatism. She sees patients from all over for Vision Therapy including patients for sports vision and nuero optometric vision therapy for traumatic brain injury.

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  • A focusing problem occurs when the child is unable to quickly and accurately constrict or relax the muscle, or if he is unable to sustain this contraction/relaxation for adequate periods of time.
  • Some vision problems can be treated using eyeglass corrective lenses and contact lenses, but many require a different kind of treatment.
  • Did you know that 80% of everything a child learns, understands, and remembers is acquired through his or her visual system?
  • Did you know that 1 out of every 4 children suffers from vision problems that interfere with learning?
  • Sports Vision Training or Vision Therapy for sports is the methods of using advanced techniques of Vision Therapy to train the brain to provide that extra edge of speed, accuracy and agility for competitive sports.
  • We work with people of all ages who have eye movement disorders.
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